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Listen Up, Game Masters– IT’S NOT ABOUT YOU!

I really, really mean that. The game you play, regardless of what you might think or what delusions of grandeur you might have, is NOT ABOUT YOU. Suck it up.   This post inspired by: Player Agency (ranting about the … Continue reading

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Open Call for Web Designers and Graphic Artists

Consider this an open call for web designers and artists. I’m talking about PAID work.¬† Looking for folks who can work to a client’s specifications in a professional, timely manner. I’ve been trying to contact folks individually, and I’ve been … Continue reading

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Singing Along With The Clash—Now With Super-Hot Burlesque Girls!!

I had a revolution in my thinking when my life came to a screeching halt a couple of years ago. One simple question I asked myself over and over again that, when I realized I had no answer, turned my … Continue reading

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Opportunity Attacks, OSR Hypocrisy, and Playtests

[Edit– this post was written at 0743 after an entire 36 hour period of no sleep and copious ¬†caffeine. It rambles and isn’t entirely coherent. You have been warned. –Jason] It’s interesting to me when folks talking about Legacy D&D … Continue reading

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