Sweet Louise Burlesque

I am a truly, wonderfully blessed man. Here’s why–her name is Sweet Louise, and she’s awesome. She also happens to be kinda sweet on a particular ex-military GM whose blog you might be currently reading.

Sweet Louise, in a promo shot from the burlesque-theatre production of "Bali Ha'i-Jinx"

Sweet Louise, in a photo from Vixen Pin-Up (see links)

Louise is an ecdysiast (look it up) and burlesque performer who got her start with a local troupe in the Kansas City area and has since moved on to bigger and better things in an ever-growing and always-gorgeous repertoire of performance, production and pizazz that leaves audiences both stunned by her seductive beauty and usually laughing their asses off.  Louise combines humor and beauty in the traditions of old-school burlesque, making for a performance you won’t forget.

Sexy AND hilarious.

Also, Louise has a passion for spreading the art of burlesque and increasing public awareness for this awesome and beautiful artform. She is the Headmistress of and teaches at the Sweet Louise Conservatory of Burlesque as well as serving as a Guest Instructor at shows and festivals all over the midwest. Classes such as Beginning Burlesque, Burlesque Movement, as well as classes covering costuming and makeup let Louise spread glitter, sparkles and joy all over wonderful women who might not otherwise have broken into the field.

Sweet Louise and Opal Malone as "Hamlet"'s gravediggers, pre-striptease. Courtesy Russ Matthews Photography.

As a co-founder and Artistic Director for Bee’s Knees Burlesque, Sweet Louise has gotten great reviews for the performances that Bee’s Knees have put together since its founding. In particular, Boobs, Burlesque, and the Bard (yes, it was Shakespeare) and Bali H’ai Jinx (comedy burlesque on a 1920s cruise ship!) received both critical acclaim and audience adoration.

Yes, she really is that hot in person.

When she’s not busy teaching classes or putting on shows with Bee’s Knees, Louise can often be found onstage in the Kansas City Area performing with the likes of comedy/burlesque/vaudeville duo Annie Cherry and Artemus Vulgaris–who happen to be two of the most awesome people I’ve ever met– as well as one of the top burlesque troupes in the Midwest, Kansas City Society of Burlesque.

Group Shot of KCSOB, including Annie Cherry and Artemus Vulgaris

Louise also happens to be a hard-core gamer girl, serving as a GM for a long-running 3.X Dungeons and Dragons gaming group and as a player (when I’m home) in my 4E Brittanis game.

She’s awesome, and radiant, and just as geeky as you if you’re reading this. If you’re in the Kansas City area or have a chance to see her perform when she’s travelling, I cannot recommend it highly enough. She’s dazzling, and wonderful, and beautiful…and just a little bit awkward. It’s the combination of humorous and sexy that keeps audience members coming back time and again, and I think you will enjoy it too.


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