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D&D Next Will Be The Most Expensive Edition Yet

…and it might just save the brand from a slow and ignoble death.    First, before I start editorializing, some quotes from the horse’s mouth, lifted from the ENWorld 5E Info Page. “The new edition is being conceived of as … Continue reading

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New Brittanis Campaign Video!

This time, I’ve kicked things up a notch. I decided to do a full Campaign Trailer, including plot elements for the game, and a bunch of other cool stuff. Take a look! In the video you’ll find elements of the Brittanis-spanning Kairn Invasion, the machinations of some sinister hand in the north, maneuvering nations to go to war, and an all-new campaign revelation that not even my players know about yet!! Continue reading

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Best Blogs: Old Guy Gaming

It’s been a while since I’ve done one of these, but I think today is a good time to start this back up again. I’m in the habit of poking through the archives of anyone who comments on my blog. … Continue reading

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5 Issues from 4E to NOT Include in D&D Next

This is my second  (and last) post about D&D Next before we get more information about the playtests, etc. I am by no means a “4E iz teh best D&D EVAR!!” junike– no system is perfect, and the vast majority … Continue reading

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The Action Point’s 5E Wishlist

I’m sure the gaming interwebs are ridiculously full of shrieking and howling regarding the announced D&D 5e, but I want put up, for posterity, the things about 4E that I like and the things I hope WotC either goes back … Continue reading

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Brittanis Iconics: Berek of Mordengaard

[This post is part of a series. I’ve always loved Paizo’s iconic characters— the “default” pre-generated characters for their Pathfinder world of Golarion. So I’m doing the same for Brittanis. Characters who embody the tone, theme, and feel of the world to … Continue reading

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Please Excuse The Dust–Blog Under Construction

Just a couple quick updates: #1– you can see that the right-hand sidebar on the blog has gotten a major facelift. You can now see a permalink to my sometimes-clothed burlesque honey Sweet Louise’s site, and I’m now advertising my … Continue reading

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Afghanistan D&D– So Hard To Say Goodbye To Yesterday

One of the downsides of being a civilian contractor instead of Active Duty military while deployed is this– everyone leaves, while I stay the same. I’ve learned a whole new appreciation for the Highlander series, and Dr.Who, and some vampire … Continue reading

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