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This guy rocks my socks. Go check out THIS POST on his blog. There’s a quote from it below. Game Fans need to learn to promote their games without dissing everyone else’s. If you dislike an edition, a rule, or … Continue reading

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Sexy Burlesque Gamer Girls and the Bagram Gaming Community!!!

That might be the single most awesome blog post title I ever write. This is an update post to let folks know what’s going on at The Action Point. I have updated most pages on the site, including the About … Continue reading

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D&D-Themed Park in Illinois

I know there are a lot of us planning on going to GenCon this year, and many of those folks make a road trip out of the experience. So, for all of you travel junkies, I post up the following … Continue reading

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Saying NO: Weeding Out Mouth-Breathers and Nose-Pickers

This post is inspired by Level 30 Yinzer who is, apparently, a two-timing gaming whore. In the post, she says the following: The real problem, though, is that I’m not desperate enough. How hard would it be to hang around the … Continue reading

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Heroes of Shadow– It’s NOT the End of the World As We Know It

I really hate nerdrage. …and yes, I realize that this post could be construed as such. It’s not. I just want to put information out there that some folks appear to be missing. There’s a GREAT pre-release review on ENWorld … Continue reading

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Extended Rest Fix? ROLEPLAY YOUR CHARACTER!!– 4E, FATE, and Mouse Guard

  This post has been a long time coming. Feel like, in a way, I have been building towards it for the entire first year of The Action Point. Yes, that’s right—we’re a year old now!! Also, this post is … Continue reading

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