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New Brittanis Campaign Video!

This time, I’ve kicked things up a notch. I decided to do a full Campaign Trailer, including plot elements for the game, and a bunch of other cool stuff. Take a look! In the video you’ll find elements of the Brittanis-spanning Kairn Invasion, the machinations of some sinister hand in the north, maneuvering nations to go to war, and an all-new campaign revelation that not even my players know about yet!! Continue reading

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Best Blogs: Old Guy Gaming

It’s been a while since I’ve done one of these, but I think today is a good time to start this back up again. I’m in the habit of poking through the archives of anyone who comments on my blog. … Continue reading

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5 Issues from 4E to NOT Include in D&D Next

This is my second  (and last) post about D&D Next before we get more information about the playtests, etc. I am by no means a “4E iz teh best D&D EVAR!!” junike– no system is perfect, and the vast majority … Continue reading

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The Action Point’s 5E Wishlist

I’m sure the gaming interwebs are ridiculously full of shrieking and howling regarding the announced D&D 5e, but I want put up, for posterity, the things about 4E that I like and the things I hope WotC either goes back … Continue reading

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Afghanistan D&D– So Hard To Say Goodbye To Yesterday

One of the downsides of being a civilian contractor instead of Active Duty military while deployed is this– everyone leaves, while I stay the same. I’ve learned a whole new appreciation for the Highlander series, and Dr.Who, and some vampire … Continue reading

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My PLAYERS are Heroes, No Matter Their Character [Dec Blog Carnival]

This post is my contribution to the December 2011 RPG Blog Carnival, hosted by Casting Shadows, entitled Heroes: Living and Dead. The theme, as the name implies, is about what it means to be a hero. I have a pretty … Continue reading

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[Applying Theory] Worldbuilding: Top Ten List for your Game/World/Campaign

MULTI-PLATFORM BLOGGING CHALLENGE!!! Read the post and see the challenge at the bottom. This applies to all rule sets and game systems. THIS MEANS YOU. It should be no surprise to recurring readers of The Action Point that I am … Continue reading

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