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New Brittanis Campaign Video!

This time, I’ve kicked things up a notch. I decided to do a full Campaign Trailer, including plot elements for the game, and a bunch of other cool stuff. Take a look! In the video you’ll find elements of the Brittanis-spanning Kairn Invasion, the machinations of some sinister hand in the north, maneuvering nations to go to war, and an all-new campaign revelation that not even my players know about yet!! Continue reading

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Brittanis Iconics: Berek of Mordengaard

[This post is part of a series. I’ve always loved Paizo’s iconic characters— the “default” pre-generated characters for their Pathfinder world of Golarion. So I’m doing the same for Brittanis. Characters who embody the tone, theme, and feel of the world to … Continue reading

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Tales of Brittanis on Obsidian Portal

Well, I finally did it. After years of watching Obsidian Portal and drooling over the campaigns that other folks have made, I finally buckled down and started putting all my campaign information into one place and making it all pretty. … Continue reading

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[Applying Theory] Worldbuilding: Top Ten List for your Game/World/Campaign

MULTI-PLATFORM BLOGGING CHALLENGE!!! Read the post and see the challenge at the bottom. This applies to all rule sets and game systems. THIS MEANS YOU. It should be no surprise to recurring readers of The Action Point that I am … Continue reading

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GM Merit Badges–An Open Letter to My Players– Past, Present, and Future

A few days ago I started to see a bunch of posts about “GM Merit Badges“, and when I followed the links back to their progenitor, I found a post by Strange Magic  where he is talking about a means … Continue reading

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Bagram D&D: Janeva Arbor, Hexblade

I had the most awesome thing happen to me a couple days ago- I got an email from this site from a female player asking if we had slots available. We talked over the last couple days, and I built … Continue reading

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Calling Rules Lawyers, Power Gamers, Playtesters and LARPers– APLHA PLAYTEST

I need some help. A Lot of help, actually. Since about 2007, I’ve been tinkering with a ruleset for a fantasy LARP set in my campaign world of Brittanis. Even before Brittanis was settled in my brainmeats, I knew that … Continue reading

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