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New Brittanis Campaign Video!

This time, I’ve kicked things up a notch. I decided to do a full Campaign Trailer, including plot elements for the game, and a bunch of other cool stuff. Take a look! In the video you’ll find elements of the Brittanis-spanning Kairn Invasion, the machinations of some sinister hand in the north, maneuvering nations to go to war, and an all-new campaign revelation that not even my players know about yet!! Continue reading

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Afghanistan D&D– So Hard To Say Goodbye To Yesterday

One of the downsides of being a civilian contractor instead of Active Duty military while deployed is this– everyone leaves, while I stay the same. I’ve learned a whole new appreciation for the Highlander series, and Dr.Who, and some vampire … Continue reading

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My PLAYERS are Heroes, No Matter Their Character [Dec Blog Carnival]

This post is my contribution to the December 2011 RPG Blog Carnival, hosted by Casting Shadows, entitled Heroes: Living and Dead. The theme, as the name implies, is about what it means to be a hero. I have a pretty … Continue reading

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A Final Gathering… a Suicide Mission… and a Farewell (PART 1)

This is a flash-forward to the last battle of an Age– a time when the forces of darkness have massed together and allied themselves to crush the last remaining points of light and civilization in this part of the world. … Continue reading

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Having Players Roll the Dice

Last night I ran an experiment. I think it turned out remarkably well. I have another test group on tap for tonight, and we’ll see how that goes. About a month ago, Greywulf posted a theory over on his blog … Continue reading

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Afghanistan D&D (Red Team)– Into the Dark, Dark Night

[this session recap written by Erin, the player of Janeva Arbor] Tonight the group learned that the shadow world, called the Shadowfell, can shift into the real world with the aid of a powerful curse. Sometimes the shift is permanent … Continue reading

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D&D Encounters in Afghanistan: Beyond the Crystal Cave…Help?

Well, we’re two seasons behind here in Afghanistan, and while we’re running a more traditional campaign right now, it would be great to have the resources available should the playstyle of the folks here in A-stan change. So here’s my … Continue reading

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