About The Action Point

I’m a published Freelance RPG writer for the now-defunct Iron Kingdoms d20 RPG; I’m a combat veteran of 2 tours in Iraq and (so far) 5+ years in the US Army. I’m a gamer and Game Master of 19+ years.

I’ve found that my military experience as well as running games for military folks has shaped my views of RPGs, and GMing in general, over the past 5+ years. This blog is my way of getting my ideas and words out there to people who might want or need a fresh way to look at gaming, or to provide tools and good advice to new or experienced GMs.

Update 4-18-2011:

Well, it’s been an interesting ride!! Over the last year pretty much everything in my life has changed. Divorced, ended my time as Active Duty Army and now working in Afghanistan, supporting our deployed troops as a Civilian Contractor at Bagram Air Force Base. I moved from Texas to Kansas after my time in the Army ended. I am blessed enough to be the founder of the Bagram Gaming Community, and though we got off to a slow start, thanks to the donations of so many people in the Gaming Community, now that I’m back in Bagram the dice will start rollin’ again!


8 Responses to About The Action Point

  1. Alphastream says:

    If you send me an e-mail, I think I can help you.

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  5. Bart Carroll says:

    This is Bart Carroll, from Wizards of the Coast. Trying to follow up on your email contact; is “theactionpoint@aol.com” not your correct address?

  6. Cody says:

    Hope everything’s going good. Miss your games in KC.

    Paul, John, Ringo and Lefty

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