Bagram AFB Gaming Community

This is the homepage for the gaming community founded at Bagram AFB, as well as the donation drive to build a nest egg of gaming books, accessories and materials that can be passed down from year to year as deployment cycles change and new gamers come in and out of Afghanistan.

In this post, I state the purpose of this page.

“…I’ll post any news about our drive to build a long-lasting, thriving gamer community among the men and women serving our country in whatever capacity they can. If you send a donation, there will be a picture and description posted there for all to see. If you publicize the donation drive on your blog, I’ll link it on that page. I’m sure if we all work together we can make this an absolutely awesome gift to our bro

thers and sisters in uniform who love to roll dice and roleplay– just like us.”

Wizards of the Coast has pledged to send the BAFBGC the materials for a season of D&D Encounters. This is, for now, going to be the format for our gaming endeavors as it suits the transitional and mission-dependent nature of life here in a warzone. As soon as it’s in my hands, I’ll put up a picture of the donation.

UPDATE 10/29: In response to questions from folks wanting to contribute, here are a couple of answers:

I’m not going to put the shipping address up on an unsecured site. The network we have to use for internet here goes through local servers, and it’s well known that traffic is often monitored. I am, however, happy to send you the address via secure email. Drop me a line at theactionpoint (AT) gmail (DOT) com and I’ll make sure you get all the info you need.

  • Office Supply Stuff (notebooks, automatic pencils, scotch tape, 3×5 cards, etc)
Update 4-18-2011:
Well, things have certainly changed since I originally started the Bagram Gaming Community! I ended up stationed off-base for a few months and then had to go back stateside for a time due to a death in the family. During that time, the original BGC community has completely turned over, because the folks I was gaming with have all gotten to go home with their tour completed!! While that’s fantastic news for them–especially since everybody went home safe and sound– it means I’m back to building a gaming group from scratch. No big deal, though– I’ve already got a few potentials and we’re going to be running a Demo Game or three this Saturday. The goal is to begin running a weekly D&D Encounters game just like at the Servicemembers’ FLGS back home. So thanks for all your help so far to those who have donated, and your gifts were not in vain. They were just delayed while Life butted in and now we’re back on track! 
And now, some pictures of the original Bagram Gaming Community in action: 

4 adventurers, ready to tackle the challenges before them...

The scattered detritus of Deployed D&D. Many of you who donated will see your efforts on the table there-- THANK YOU!!!

A slightly posed shot taken by one of the BGC players while I (the GM in Yellow) wasn't paying attention.

Some of the original members of the Bagram Gaming Community in full adventurer mode

Me, the primary GM for that game, with a Player Offering to the gaming gods. There was also a 3.X game running on off-weeks.

19 Responses to Bagram AFB Gaming Community

  1. Philo Pharynx says:

    Is there a way to make donations via credit card or paypal? I’d like to help. We have 2 Iraq Veterans in my Friday night group as well that would probably like to send a little stress-relief violence to help them unwind from the stress-causing violence.

    • See above. If cash money gets involved, the red tape gets prohibitively deep with alarming speed. Please use the Amazon wish list either directly, or as guidelines and contact me via email for the shipping address.

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  3. Gregory Hermann says:

    I have some books and stuff I can donate. Send me an email with the shipping address and I’ll see what I can send. Hopefully the shipping costs aren’t too outrageous.

  4. Mark Pettit says:

    I attemped to buy something off of the Amazon wish list but it looks like there’s no ship-to address specified, and it asked me to either choose one of my personal addresses or type in a new address.

    Can you remedy this? I’d love to be able to send some gaming swag to the men & women in uniform.

  5. Matt James says:

    Hey, just hand out the APO address. That would not be a breach in security.

  6. Rene says:

    Send me that addy! I can contribute baked goods and other edible items. I am a baking queen. A list of particular favorites would be awesome as well!

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  8. Gibby says:

    Well last night we started, an I must say I was surprised by the quality of the donations,
    I would like to thank every one that donated to the New D&D community here at BAF.
    Thank you.

  9. Thorin says:

    Hey everyone I am a new gamer stationed at Bagram and I wanted to thank everyone who has contributed or is thinking of contributing to our gaming efforts overseas. Honestly I had no idea I would find a gaming group let alone one with suport from home. So thank you from the depths of my sanity. Remember to always have fun

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  11. Tinman says:

    Is there a gaming community there today? I would LOVE to be contacted very soon if there is.

  12. vbwyrde says:

    Hi, I came across your site the other day and I’m really glad to see military guys gaming out there. I’m not a service member myself, but I can say that I have great respect and warm regards for the men and women who put their lives on the line to defend Liberty and Freedom for all. Thank you!

    I hear your call for game stuff donations, and I’d like to make a donation of my very own light-weight RPG System called “Elthos RPG”. You can download the rules book from my website.

    The Rules Book:

    Click to access ElthosRPG_ODS_v134.pdf

    Nutshell: Elthos RPG uses one six-sided die, which is why I named it the “One Die System” (aka “ODS”). I think it may be good system for military people interested in light-weight tactical game play, with a tilt toward story telling – an RPGing that doesn’t require a lot of equipment or rules books or number crunching. It has all the usual D&D tropes, such as Levels, Classes, Magic, Life Points, etc, (annoying vilified in the past few years if you ask me) having been modeled loosely off of D&D 1.0 in 1978. But this is my own unique take on it, with vastly simplified rules, which serve to keep the number crunching to a minimum. The game system is simple enough to learn in a couple of hours, so you can jump in right away, but is sophisticated enough to keep you challenged and entertained for the long haul.

    In my spare time, as a hobby project, I have also developed a helpful web application to support various grunt-work aspects GMing the game, including rolling characters, building out your world, and maintaining a game log, among other features. There is a LOT to the web application (in the Members Area) so you’ll probably want to poke around on there to see what you might find interesting and helpful. I use it myself and it helps my GMing a lot. Be sure to unlock all of the website features by making yourself a Gamesmaster when you register your Player Information. As it is, though, I’m afraid can not offer much support for the web application at this point, as I’m working on the web application part time, in between my day job, family, and taking classes. However, I will try to be as available as I can to fix any bugs or issues, and make the application as good as I can get it, and also answer questions that people might have on the forum. I’m also currently considering additional features to be added hopefully sometime soon. So there you have it, my donation to BAF Gaming Community. I hope you enjoy it!
    Example Game Story Write-Ups from our Play-Test Campaigns (2009-2012)

    My Elthos RPG Blog:

    Oh, I should mention that at some point I do hope to charge nominal fee for use of the web application, but that won’t be for a while, and I intend to keep the price very affordable in any case if I do decide to charge. The Elthos ODS Rules Book is free regardless, so you are welcome to download that and use and share it as freely as you like.

    Happy New Years 2012! Best wishes and thank you for your Service.
    Game On!

  13. Rustyblade says:

    Is the gaming community still active? I recently deployed to Bagram and would love to do some gaming. I look forward to hearing from you.

    • It is indeed!! I am currently on TDY at another FOB, but the plan is for me to return within the next week or so. Hit me up at “the action point” (at) gmail (dot) com and I’ll get you connected with the rest of the gang!

  14. Keith Cole says:

    I am going to head that way next month and would love to partake. Let me know when you get it going again.

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