Colony Spider and Spiderling

I picked up some easy inspiration today from THIS POST at Temple of Demogorgon. He’s one of those OSR kinda folks, but I shamelessly stalk those guys as well as everybody else for great ideas. His post struck me as a monster that deserved a 4E conversion, so here it is– a Large Giant Spider that basically is a minion factory.

Basically, imagine the she-spider below about the size of a Kodiak Bear, using one of its many legs to fling baby spiders about the size of a housecat AT YOUR FACE.

I imagine this spider as the companion to a spider themed adventure or Side Trek, possibly among a colony of other spiders, drow, aranea or ettercaps. Basically, anything that can give this monster a chance to spew forth a bunch of nasty, poison-vulnerability-causing Spiderlings before the PCs realize the threat and crush it. It should open the combat with Rain of Spiders and then keep punishing the PCs for not killing it fast enough by making more and more minion spiders.

I present for your eight-legged horror the Colony Spider and Spiderling!

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4 Responses to Colony Spider and Spiderling

  1. Awesome! The colony spider would make a great addition to any spider or drow themed adventure. I love the image of this thing flinging those pale, nasty looking spiderlings all over the battlefield. The colony spider’s aura and the spiderling’s bite work very nicely together. With the ability to generate unlimited minions as a move action though (which is a nice feature – that way you don’t have to choose between spitting poison and flinging a spiderling), you might want to make this creature an elite.
    Great monster.

  2. Paul says:

    Love the theme of this monster. I’d echo the previous poster, and suggest that you bump the brood mama up to an elite. I think it fits the look and feel of the monster better. A few other suggestions: give Rain of Spiders a recharge when bloodied, make Fling Spiderling a minor action (if upgrading to an elite), make Fling Spiderling a close attack rather than a ranged attack, unless you want to give the PC’s lots of opportunity attacks.

  3. Erin says:

    OMG dude WARNING next time PLEASE!

    I let forth a shriek enough to curdle the blood of my coworkers who thought I was dying or something. No cookie for you.

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