Calling Rules Lawyers, Power Gamers, Playtesters and LARPers– APLHA PLAYTEST

I need some help. A Lot of help, actually.

Since about 2007, I’ve been tinkering with a ruleset for a fantasy LARP set in my campaign world of Brittanis. Even before Brittanis was settled in my brainmeats, I knew that I wanted a complex, character-driven LARP that would work alongside the world I have created. Well, now the rough draft is finished and I’ve been staring at it too long to see the cracks and flaws in the system. I need other people to look at it and help me get the rough edges worked off.

I’ve got the first draft done, and I need someone else’s eyes to look at it besides mine. I know you’re out there– you like to tinker with a system, to bend it till it breaks and see what makes it tick. You like to number-crunch a character and squeeze everything out of it you possibly can. You’re creative and analytical all at the same time. You’re who I need. Folks to help me find the grammar and spelling mistakes, typos, continuity errors, and the rest and help me see if this system really has legs that can let it run.

I’m NOT asking that you dress up and hit other folks with padded sticks. That comes later. For now, I need multiple folks to comb the rules that I’ve been staring at for half a decade now and look at them with unbiased eyes. I’m trying to produce a great product and for that I need help from rules-minded people like you.

If you’re interested, hit me up with an email to Full playtester credit and a free copy of the rulebook to anyone who helps me finish this.



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