Digital Mapping: Norgaard Region

This is a “Child Map”– meaning a piece of a bigger map blown up– of the Britannis map I posted a while back. It’s done with the same style (obviously), but intended more as a “working map” as opposed to its larger counterpart. Check it out:

If you look at the previous map, you’ll see Norgaard in the upper center of the page, just south of the icky nastiness known as The Waste.

And here is a second map I made from the first, delineating the three major political entities and their effective control areas. I really like doing this– making a base map and then using transparent layers to make different effects– you can do politics, races, religions– a whole lot of different stuff with this same basic concept. It’s good stuff.

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3 Responses to Digital Mapping: Norgaard Region

  1. That’s a useful application of layers – that way you only need a single master file that, depending on what layers you activate, can generate a political, geographical, even weather or monster migration map.

  2. SPC Hunt, Michael says:

    I work in the G-6 near the DFIP, and I have been reading this blog every week. I only wish you guys were closer to me haha we have a few players here, but Im not sure if one of us could start anything real.

    However, my question for you is: What are you using to make your maps, and where can I get a copy?

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