BGC: Campaign Info and Poster

Real quick post before the second session of the Bagram Gaming Community’s campaign tonight.

Here’s the poster I designed, based off the graphic from the Wizards site:

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Thus far, we’ve had an “Intro to 4E” session and a pseudo character generation session that included a roleplaying encounter with Lord Cedric Tremayne, the character’s liege lord. I think that’s going to get its own upcoming post.

The information I have given the PCs on the world we’re playing in is encompassed HERE, in the Redwall Campaign Guide. I’m going to be combining elements of several seasons of D&D Encounters into a single narrative, starting out with pieces of Fury of the Wastewalker, then moving into Keep On The Borderlands. After that I think I’ll lay down elements of the introductory modules from the DM Kit, because I think the military players will appreciate the military nature of the adventure.

There’s a lot planned, and I think the PCs are up to it. I think it’s going to be a great ride.

Other file links:

Redwall Settlement Map

Redwall Geographical Map

Brittanis Kingdoms Map

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