Sexy Burlesque Gamer Girls and the Bagram Gaming Community!!!

That might be the single most awesome blog post title I ever write.

This is an update post to let folks know what’s going on at The Action Point. I have updated most pages on the site, including the About page to let you guys know the current state of the blog itself.

In addition, it is my great pleasure to announce the return of the Bagram Gaming Community!! After trial, tribulation, and the original members going back to the States, we have re-formed and begin play this Saturday. Check out the BAFBGC page— now updated with pics of the 1st Edition Community!!

Last but certainly not least is that I have added a new page to The Action Point. If you’re looking for the Sexy Gamer Girls part, this is where you want to go. It’s a page of links and explanations of that super-hot girl I keep mentioning, Sweet Louise, and her adventures in the neo-burlesque performance community!! Check her out and especially the links at the bottom to a bunch of great folks.

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