I am utterly amazed and awestruck by the generosity of our community in the gaming world. Over the past 2 weeks, packages have come POURING in thanks to the support and kindness of you, the gaming community. Both from the Wishlist as well as just regular packages sent from the States, the support for our little gaming group here in Afghanistan has been utterly overwhelming. Alas, the internet connection here sucks to the point that I have tried to upload pictures of the swag we’ve been sent but it just hasn’t worked, so I’m posting text-only here to at least get some recognition for those awesome folks who have helped us out.

However, I know there are a lot of folks who will go unnamed in this list– several of the packages I’ve gotten from Amazon have not had the purchase order slip in them, meaning I don’t know who sent stuff!!! So if you’ve contributed but don’t see yourself mentioned, drop me a line and let me know!

Out biggest supporters this far have been some of the biggest names in gaming–

Wizards of the Coast Organized Play section has been AMAZING. They sent us not only two entire sets of the Keep on the Borderlands season of D&D Encounters, but two copies of the Dark Sun season as well!!

Gnome Stew is comprised of many awesome bloggers working together and they have been amazing both in physical donations and in publicity to help us get off the ground. Thanks guys!

Critical Hits, like their pointy-hatted Gnome counterparts, have boosted the signal of our group’s story and many of the awesome bloggers on that site have donated accessories and adventures as well.

The following are businesses that have supported our cause. Please spend some dough at their sites to help repay the favor.

Crystal Caste sent us a big box of battlemats, dice and miniatures. They’re beautiful and awesome.

Chessex sent us an entire CASE of dice sets as well as enough battlemats to cover a wall. They rock my socks.

I’m going from my email list here, because as I said, I don’t currently have a complete list of individuals who have sent us donations:

D. Wheeler, our contact at Wizards. WotC’s official support has been awesome in getting players and materials behind the BAFBGC.

M. Ralya

P. Benson

K. Keefe

J. Snyder (an actual Soldier AT BAGRAM. He’s too busy with mission to play but he donated a bunch of dice to us!)

M. Petit (BIGTIME patron of the BAFBGC. THANK YOU!)

D. Chalker

J.R. Parsons

J. Young

K. Schneider

B. Moore (and his entire gaming group!)

M. Shea

D. Wright

D. Scott

G. Hermann

G. Stickler

C. Oates (yummy baked goods included!!)

S. Palmer sent a hand-made ACU-pattern dicebag. Awesome!

M. Bowling

OK, those are the names I have so far of people who have contacted me about donations. But like I said, a lot of the stuff that has arrived didn’t have names attached to it, so hit us up in the comments and let me know what we have to thank you for!

Also— tonight (Friday) is our third game session. We’ve done a quick delve-style adventure to get into the swing of things and get schedules finalized and now we’re moving on into Keep on the Chaos Scar! Play update forthcoming!

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