D&D Encounters IN THE DESERT!!!

It looks like I’m going to be staying at Bagram AFB in Afghanistan for a while once the dust settles. It’s one of the most populous bases in the country, especially with all the transient soldiers, marines, airmen, sailors, Polish Special Forces, French Marines (apparently… I was unaware of their existence) and all.

I think this is an ideal situation to run D&D Encounters!! So here’s my question– does anybody have an old Season 1, Season 2, or even the new Season 3 of Encounters they’d be willing to donate for us out here? I am really keen on the idea of multi-service, possibly multi-national gaming out here. Bagram certainly has the facilities to handle it, and the MWR system is very well built up and should not have any issue dealing with it.

And before you ask, yes, I could easily work something up of my own to run out here, and I might do just that. But I am also really keen on the idea of building a massive number of pre-gens and doing over here what you all have been doing for the last few months stateside. The “shared gaming experience” inherent in it seems like it would be a fantastic way to do this.

I promise public recognition, pictures and well-written session recaps if we can make this happen. If you can help with materials or would care to donate to overseas gaming in some other way, hit me up at theactionpoint (at) gmail (dot) com.

I look forward to hearing from you!

EDIT: Thanks to the gamer community, I got this email less than 24 hours after requesting help from you awesome folks. I really do believe I have the best hobby in the world, and the community time and time again proves it. Thank you all.

Hi Jason,

I’m Chris Tulach, the D&D Content Developer here at Wizards, responsible for the design, development, and management of our D&D play programs. I’ve read your blog and had some conversations with folks around the office. We’d love to help support you out there with some D&D Encounters materials! I was a deployed soldier back in ’97 during Operation Joint Guard in Bosnia, so I totally get it. J

What I’m going to do is introduce you to Doug Wheeler, who’s been copied on this thread. He’s part of our Wizards Play Network team, and he should be able to work out the logistics of getting kits for this season sent out to you. In addition, if you or another organizer at Bagram want to continue into next season (February – May), just let him know and he can get that in-process when scheduling opens in mid-December.

Once again, thanks for all you do, and if you need anything else, please feel free to shoot Doug or myself an email.

Be safe!

Chris Tulach

D&D Organized Play Content Developer

Wizards of the Coast

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4 Responses to D&D Encounters IN THE DESERT!!!

  1. Erik says:

    Have you considered contacting WotC directly? This would be a really cool PR situation for them, especially if you promised to try and give some blog coverage.

  2. T.W.Wombat says:

    Don’t know if you’re following your mentions on twitter, but I got in touch with @CharlesMRyan to see if he could scrounge up a WotC contact for you. Just heard back a few minutes ago; you should hear from Chris Tulach on this in the next couple of days.

    Hope everything works out for Encounters @ Bagram!

  3. Chris Tulach says:

    I’ll see what we can do over here at Wizards. Email forthcoming!

  4. Hey folks! Check out the Edit to the post above– WotC has stepped up and is helping us out directly!

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