Best Blogs: Campaign Mastery

I think I’m going to start a recurring series here at The Action Point, focused on collections of other people’s stuff that I like and enjoy using. So here’s the first

Campaign Mastery has been around for a good long while and is run by the same guy who has been writing since 1999 (which just celebrated its 500th issue!!) I have been a follower of the blog since the beginning, and frankly feel kind of ashamed that I haven’t pimped them out before now.

The thing I love most about Campaign Mastery is their erudite and in-depth breakdowns of roleplaying topics and questions that dig way, WAY deep into the meat of whatever topic they’re discussing. They also do an awesome “Ask the DM” series where they answer emails written to them inquiring for help on topics that most of GMs have dealt with at one point or another.

Here’s a collection of links I’m using currently from Campaign Mastery, putting together and fleshing out my intrigue-heavy Tales of Brittanis campaign.

Politics and Paranoia

Six Degrees of Dungeons and Dragons

Running a Mystery Game

Means, Motive, Opportunity

Myths and Legendary Achievements

The Perils of Prophecy

I can’t recommend these guys more emphatically. Reading their blog and applying its advice has made me a better GM… and that’s about the best praise we GMs can give one another, isn’t it?

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3 Responses to Best Blogs: Campaign Mastery

  1. Johnn says:

    Thanks very much for the pimpage, Jason!

    The “Send me site updates” checkbox below. How does that work? Is that a special plugin you are using?

  2. Mike Bourke says:

    Thanks very much for the kind words! I’m even more chuffed because 4 of the six posts you cite are mine and the other two are Ask-The-GMs posts that I co-authored… Hopefully, we can continue to live up to the high standards that we’ve established and the high praise that you’ve lavished apon us!

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