Cartographer’s Guild = Made of Awesome

I’m working hard currently to get an online Google Wave game off the ground, and I have brought several new players in to get things running. we’re going to be using a bastardized version of the FATE 3 rules, using elements of the Dresden Files RPG by Evil Hat and Legends of Anglerre.

I’ve mentioned my campaign world, Brittanis, just a couple of times before. I, like many of you reading this, have homebrewed for years but never have been able to make a satisfying map of my world. I saw all the awesome, professional-grade maps out there in Dungeon and Dragon and it made my heart bleed just a little. I wanted my world to be displayed in all the glory it deserved; Brittanis sat in my head for almost 20 years trying to get out and I just never had the artistic skill to get it on paper they way I wanted.

I had pulled maps from the Cartographer’s Guild on many occasions; I collect maps just because I love to look at them and imagine the stories of the people who live in those places– it has helped me cobble together an adventure idea on so many occasions I can’t count. As I wandered the CG forums, I noticed that the sheer amount of awesome maps being produced couldn’t be a co-incidence: these guys had to be learning how to do this awesome stuff SOMEWHERE. So I started looking around for tutorials, and sure enough, there they were! I downloaded GIMP, a free computer art software roughly comparable to Photoshop, found myself a tutorial, and away I went. Here is the first-ever map of Brittanis I actually feel comfortable publishing out to the public:

So check it out! Tell me what you think, and head over to the Cartographer Guild forums to do it yourself!

My next step is going to be a major city map– probably the city where the majority of play for my Google Wave game is going to take place!

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4 Responses to Cartographer’s Guild = Made of Awesome

  1. Mr. Kemp says:

    That’s just awesome! I’m really curious about Malagant and Northmarch. I also like how you left an opening for Dragonborn with New Arkhosia. Great job!

    • If you follow this link, you can see how I’ve fit the dragonborn into my world a bit more specifically. There will be writeups of Malagant and Northmarch coming in the near future.

      • Mr. Kemp says:

        I’m sorry I didn’t see your response until just now. I already looked at your Obsidian Portal page, and the campaign world looks great. I especially like what you did with Helios

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